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So today I want to plant some ginger so I went to the grocery store and I found the larges pieces of ginger that I could find. three nice beg pieces. Now there are two ways to do this. You can either leave them the way they are or you can break them up and how you do this is you find what is called an eye same with the potato and you cut it so each part has an eye now with all the things that I put in the ground.

I am always looking for the largest possible bulb If I have a chance going through and actually finding and picking the bulbs directly Which I tend to do because the places I go to they’ll actually put the bulbs in big containers and you can go through handpick out what you want. Or you can buy one bulb vs five bulbs I always go with the one bulb, because I believe the bigger the bulb the root or tuber the bigger the plant your going to get. so thats why I am not going to break them up.

I’m going to leave them just like that nice and big. so I let it soak in some water for the last 3 days and I put it in the sun so it would green up. Now I’m going to plant it in the ground. I could plant it really deep but the deeper you plant it the longer it will take to come up. And I want this is sprout petty quickly. considering we’re already in august I want these to grow well into winter I’m going to have to build a little cold frame around it.

Ginger How to grow ginger rhizome cuttings in the ground or in containers

To keep them going that long So I’m going to plant this as close to the surface now so they sprout. If later on I decide I need to move them deeper in winter so they have a little more protection I might do that. So what I want to do is plant them as deep as they are thick. So with about 1 inch of soil on top of the rhizome and I’m just going to cover it up. so thats one so I’ll continue and do two more Now I know these are going to be really big plants next year.

That is if I’m able to over winter them I wouldn’t plant these out directly and then ignore them coz they will die in the winter. Instead I’m going to put a cold frame on top so they’ll be ok. I want to give the rhizomes a little bit of space, I’m putting them about 8 or 9 inches apart from each other so that when they grow up, considering that this little plant is going to turn into something like this. I will plant something else in front and something that will take up the back space in this raised bed.

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