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Hi! My name is Scott Rio and on behalf of Expert Village, I would like to talk to you about container gardening. Watering containers is always an important thing to think about. If you’ve done a good job of constructing your soil, it is already going to hold a lot of moisture. Things like peat, things like humus are going to hold water in the container and make it available to your plants on a regular basis. If your plants are really going to be in a hot hot dry area, there are water crystals out there that are available that.

Expand and hold up to 10 times their water. It’s a great way to stretch the water in your container. But remember to soak those crystals first before you mix them into your potting mix or the next thing you know, it is pushing your plants up and out of the container. For shady area like this, one of the easiest ways to come and do your watering is to simply turn the hose on them. Even in the middle of the day in a shady area like this, it is.

Going to provide nice soft gentle water. It is going to wash the dirt and debris off of the leaves and any pollutants that might be in the air that have also washed under the leaves, it will help cool your plants down and get them into a nice temperature where they can grow happily. Now remember the smaller the plant and the smaller the container, the quicker that that plant is going to use the available water in the container. So your smaller containers are probably going to need a little more water than some of your other.

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Ones. Shallow containers like on this bone side also dry out a lot quicker so that is another one to consider and real thirsty plants like this banyan tree, I actually keep a container underneath it to catch water. It will actually suck water right up out of that pot once it is full. So considering your containers, considering the plants that are in them, it is the most important thing to think about when you are watering your plants but remember, no matter how much that plant likes hot dry sunny conditions, they all need water. So above all else, don’t.

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