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With so many options to choose from, buying the healthiest extra virgin olive oil can be a challenge. We are going to clear though the clutter and show you how to buy and store this liquid gold. Hey guys, Alex here and you’re watching The EVOO Show. Buying real extra virgin olive oil can be tough now a days. With all the fake, old, rancid or chemically refined oil posing as EVOO out there it can drive you a bit crazy. Here are a few tips on how to buy real Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

1 Always buy olive oil in a dark glass bottles, never in a clear glass or plastic container. Many companies say they sell olive oil in clear containers because consumers like to see the oil they are buying. That might be true but it is also cheaper to package olive oil in clear plastic or glass. 2 Never buy olive oil that is bottled in plastic or metal. I know that olive oil has been sold in those beautiful tin cans for decades but recent studies show that over time the metal leeches into the oil contaminating it. Same goes for plastic.

Olive oil in plastic is transported from all over the world and it’s not shipped in temperature controlled containers. The heat forces the plastic to also leech the chemicals that make up the plastic into the olive oil. There is no leeching in glass containers and it also helps protect the oil from heat a bit better. 3 Look for a harvest date on the bottle or at the store you are purchasing from. The harvest date is when the olive was harvested. Here at the EVOO show we are prefer the Olimila Gourmet Emporium brand of extra virgin olive oil. Full discloser, we are owned by Olimila.

How to Buy and Store Olive Oil The EVOO Show

OK, gratuitous plug here. Ok now that we got that out of the way, when buying olive oil I would search out olive oil companies who bottle their oils fresh. This way you know that the bottle you are buying wasn’t bottled 8 months ago and sat in a hot warehouse somewhere. Now that you have purchased your EVOO how do you take care of it. We suggest that you keep you bottle in a cool, dark place, like your cupboard. Most people just put their olive oil bottle near or right on their stove with an open air spout.

Heat and air destroys olive oil over time and makes it rancid faster. Now don’t worry you can cook with olive oil. We will be going over cooking with olive oil in a future episode. Now that you know what to look for you can enjoy good, healthy extra virgin olive oil. At the Olimila Gourmet Emporium we bottle our fresh olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars daily by hand. If you want learn more about our olive oils click on the link in the description. Tell me your olive oil horror stories down below in the comments. The most interesting story will get a 10 OFF code for our online store.

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