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Rock music Man laughing It’s Mardi Gras time! Are you ready Woman How’d you get those beads Man Showing my boobs. Woman Oooo! Man Here, you want some beads Go ahead, Nikki, go ahead. Oh my God! Those are nice! Nikki giggles Man Real perky. Anywho, this drink is a what Nikki A Hand Grenade! Man Exactly, based on the Hand Grenade that’s sold in New Orleans. Only thing, their recipe is a well kept secret. Even the employees there don’t even know.

What’s in it, you know what I mean How you do that, I don’t know. Nikki It’s a secret Man Yes, it’s a secret, but this is believed to be the ingredients, okay This is a close version to it. Let us make this drink! Vodka, rum, gin, melon liqueur, what’s this Nikki Everclear! Man Grain alcohol, okay Don’t need to be Everclear, but it needs to be a grain alcohol. That right there is fire homeboy. We doin’ an ounce and a half of each one of these.

Are you ready We’re going all together, okay Nikki All together Man An orgy. Nikki All right. Man Mardi Gras is all about orgies, are you ready Nikki Get those beads! Man Let’s go! Okay. Man Take a sniff. Nikki Wow. Man Delicious, oh boy. Nikki Oh my God, it’s like rubbing alcohol. Man laughs Nikki This is Simple Syrup. Man Go ahead, give us some. Nikki All right. Man Good, that’ll make it nice and sweet.

How to make the Hand Grenade Tipsy Bartender

Nikki This is pineapple juice. Man Okay. Give us some of that. Nikki Some of it. Man That’s enough! Little bit more, little bit more, just a splash more, good to go. Nikki All right. Man Ice. Nikki Ice. Man And we add some mint leaves to it. Nikki That’s pretty. Ooooh! Man Yes, sir. Nikki This drink flashed its perky tits. Get those beads. laughter Man Nikki Limo. Nikki Yes, sir. Man And there you have it!.

The Hand Grenade. Nikki The Hand Grenade! gasps That’s very strong. Man Potent Nikki Yes, very potent, I would say it’s 11 out of 10 potency. Man Is it sweet Nikki It’s got some sweetness, it’s sweet. Man I want you to do me a favor. Let’s end at this. I want you to take another sip, but I want you to keep it sexy. Go ahead. Oh my God, you have a wide open mouth laughs Wow, your mouth opens really wide, Nik. Nikki My tongue’s really long too, watch.

Man Oh my God! Do it again. Why is your tongue so long Nikki I don’t know, God made me that way. Man God damn, is it weird making out with you Nikki I’ve never made out with me, but. Man But ever been with a guy that said, My God, are you gagging me Nikki I hear a lot of compliments on my kisses. Man You’re just saying that. Nick FYI, the lips are super soft. Jiminy Christmas, you shave your arms.

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