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So, this is the Emerald Isle modular home of Clayton Homes in Wilmington, North Carolina, and I am going to flip the camera on myself real quick just for a minute for an introduction. I’m Jay Seville, the owner of WilmingtonRealEstate. That’s Wilmington dash real dash estate dot com. A realtor here in Wilmington, North Carolina. And I happen to own JustNewListings Realty in Washington DC in Northern Virginia. The subject today is modular homes. What the heck is a modular home Are they something to look down on Most people have no clue what modular homes are or how incredible a.

Value and superior a build it can offer. So let’s takelet’s check it out. All right. I am just flipping the camera around. Now, I’m here in Wilmington, North Carolina looking at modular homes and I’m alsoyou know, this also goes with Carolina Beach, North Carolina modular homes or Leland, North Carolina. I just had to stuff a few keywords in there for Google so sorry about that. Now, as you enter this home, you might have no idea what you’re about to see. So, admit it, most of you were not expecting to look this attractive as you came in. A.

Lot of folks equate modular homes with trailers as not an accurate way of thinking of modular homes at all. This can be as high end as you want them. I love the curved archway there and the columns, huge island here. This model, I believe, is 1800 square feet. So, we’ll see how it’s laid out and then I am going to mention just a couple of the options. One little trick in here that I found, these drawers pull out all the way, and as you know, usually when you want to find something, it’s all the way in the back. This comes all the.

Wilmington NC modular homes for sale leland

Way out. So, you can always get to the back without knocking things over in the end so that it falls down. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Really cool oven and hood. This can all be upgraded to granite, of course. Each of these drawers is actual pieceseparate pieces of wood, nicer than you usually get. Electrical outlets already built in on both sides. You know, my point is there’s lots of details in here. These modular homes are built in factories, qualitycontrolled environment. They’re not being rained on and then drying out, being rained out and then drying out.

So, when they put these together, they are snug as a bug. Your energy bills, your utility bills are probably at least 40 lower. I mean, when you cool and heat these things, it’s very costeffective. California closet, also pocket doors. You know, most folks just don’t realize that modular homes give you all these options. Most folks don’t even think about it. If you’re having trouble finding the right home resell because a lot of times the home you want is 50 grand more than your price range. Let’s face it. It’s that way with a lot of the buyers in Wilmington NC real estate.

Here, again, more pocket doors here for the master bath. And you come in here, there’s a little powder room area, okay Separate bath and shower. Lots of windows and light if you want it. A rain shower, really tall high. And, you know, there’s lots of options for making it as fancy as you want, okay. Well, I’m just trying to put this on the map for you guys because it’s a way to afford a nicest home and customized home as you want floorplan wise that sometimes you cannot find for resale, okay.

This happens to be Clayton Homes. I’m a big fan of them, the Clayton Homes North Carolina, because they’re big so they have lots of options. They can get you financing that other smaller players might not be able to give you. It’s sort of like when I went and got my 15passenger van because I have a big family, I went to the big player, he was able to give me the financing I needed that other smaller dealerships could not, you know. Inhouse options and flexibility. Sorry, to be a little fuzzy here.

So, just a lot of times, people will put in another half bath here in the middle of the house. You know, we got Jack and Jill sinks. Let me show you real quick. Now, with these modular, a lot of folks will add what’s called a pad on the backend, on one side of the house. So instantly, they’ll have another bedroom andor another bathroom added on to the backend. So, the cost of this 1800squarefeet Emerald Isle model of Clayton Homes, for example, for a Leland North Carolina modular home would be about 170 grand. If you add on a pad on.

The back, maybe you add 20 grand. So, you end about $190,000. One other thing though, you can add a seven byyou can add dormers on the front of the house and it will look just like any other house. You can add a brick faade on the front of the house and sides, and make it look just like a regular house. Only, the construction inside, and how well, and how long it lasts and the warranties are probably better than most stickbuilt homes. So, if you add a second floor or you just add a whole another section on the backend,.

Immediately you go from 1800 square feet to 3000 square feet. So, the cost would be about 170 grand going up to 225 grand. And if you buy a lot, at least if it’s in Leland or Winnabow, it’s about 30 grand for an acre. If you buy it in Wilmington, there’s probably lots for sale for 50, but my point is be openminded. If we can’t find the right home for you, let’s consider a modular home package. A lot of them offer 100 financing options, and it’s just the way to go for a lot of folks but most folks have never even considered it,.

And they should be more openminded. That’s my main point. All right. I’ll let it go with that. Irealtor friends of mine who have looked into this subject, we’re big fans of modular homes. We do not look down on them at all. They are built on great foundations, pure cement, no center block. They’re as classy as any other homes out there for the most part especially when you take advantage of a bunch of the options that can go on the front of the house or sides or back, decks, et cetera. Tenfoot.

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