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Hello, welcome to episode number 23 of Make Thrift Buy, a show where you send me clothes or accessories that you’ve found on the internet, and I try my best to recreate them. Today’s challenge was suggested by Nekorit cx, who wanted me to try and recreate this iPhone case. Now I do personally think that this accessory is ridiculous but on this shop, Velvet Caviar, it does retail for $43, and I’m pretty sure that I can recreate this for a lot cheaper. So, challenge accepted! Let’s begin.

I started by thrifting myself a teddy bear. This guy was $1 from the thrift shop, and although it looked pretty clean, I still gave it a quick wash after I bought it. So I know that the case in the original is actually a Rilakkuma bear, but if I was going out and buying a Rilakkuma bear for new that would kinda of defeat the purpose of this series. So, I’m working with what I was able to thrift. Now I did buy one thing for new and that was this plain, stiff iPhone case that I found.

At the dollar store for $2. For this project I also needed craft glue, scissors, a needle and thread, and some kind of thick material. I’m using PVC, but you could also use canvas or denim. You will also need one stone cold, evil heart that makes you totally okay with cutting up a cute teddy bear. So, it’s time to cut up the bear! I flipped the bear over onto its front and found the seam in the middle of it’s back. I then cut up this seam. I then removed a bunch of stuffing to make the bear a bit thinner, and to make room for.

DIY Plush Bear Phone Case Make Thrift Buy 23

The phone case to sit in. So then I cut this slit to the same length as the iphone case. And then I made equalsized 4 cuts at the top and bottom of the slit, like this, so that when I fold back the excess fabric, this hole is going to be the same size as the phone case. Then, with the piece of PVC, I used the case as a template and I drew around it, adding about an extra inch on each side. I then cut out this piece of PVC, and then I kind of.

Just jammed it into the back of my bear like this. I folded these side flaps over the side of the PVC material, and then, with my needle and thread, I sewed the PVC into the bear, attaching it to the bear’s skin I also realized too late that this process would have been a lot easier if I had cut away small corners of the PVC like this before inserting it. But, I’d already sewed half of it in, so I kept sewing, and it seemed to work out alright anyway.

Then, I grabbed my craft glue. I squeezed the glue all over the PVC lining that I’ve made, and onto the back of the phone case. Then I placed the phone case into the bear on top of the piece of PVC, hoped for the best, and I also waited about an hour for it to dry. So, that’s it! music plays Okay, so I have to admit that. I kinda like it. It’s just SO ridiculous that it’s become kind of fantastic. I mean, calling people is now a lot more fun.

Hey, it’s me. So if I sound a little bit muffled, it’s just because I have a bear butt in my face. Yeah yeah a bear butt. In my face. Y’know..Hello And it still works like. fine. I can still text off it, scroll instagram, and while the back camera doesn’t work coz there’s a bear. in the way. the front camera still works! So, you can still take selfies. So although I was not expecting this, I would actually call this Make Thrift Buy a complete success.

Actually just before we get too enthusiastic here, just hold up a sec. I kinda changed my mind about the whole liking this phone case thing when I took it outside my apartment, and out into public. I looked ENTIRELY nuts. And everytime I took my phone out of my bag, I got very very embarrassed, probably because a lot of people stared at me while I did it. So. yeah. So that’s it for today’s episode, please don’t forget to keep sending me in suggestions for new challenges to try out on Make Thrift Buy I don’t mind ridiculous suggestions, in.

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