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Hi. I am Shawna Coronado and I am here today in my backyard. That is right. I want to show you this really cool craft. How it works is you get an Upsy Daisy and an old container. Remember you gotta thing green. Instead of throwing out your old plastic containers, see if they are recyclable. If they are not recyclable, then reuse them, reclaim them yourself and do something good with them. So let me show you. Come on. We are going to go stack them and I am going to show you how it works.

We are going to start stacking them. One, two, three, four. And there you have it. Stacked containers. Very cool. You have to make sure that you move it to where it is permanently going to be because it is quite heavy when it is very filled with the soil. And then you make sure that everything balances out. Like this to this looks good, but this looks a little too close. And so, the secret is put soil all around, fill soil in the bottom and set that just a little bit higher and it all looks beautiful and balanced.

So that is what we are going to do right now. So I am using organic mechanic soil and I am right now finishing the last of this. The reason I use organic mechanics first of all, no chemicals. I love that. But it also holds water very, very well. It has worm castings and all kinds of good stuff in it so it is very healthy for your plants and you do not have to use fertilizer. I mean, how wonderful is that Here we go. I do not plant the sweet potatoes in a row like this.

How To Make A Container Garden Tower Out Of Reclaimed Materials

Instead, I kind of corkscrew around. And the reason I do that is so that the plants do not overwhelm each other. One of my favorite plants to use is the wave petunia. It is drought tolerant, pretty much, and so with a little help from the right type of soil it makes a huge difference in the garden. The annuals last a really long time. So, I am mixing the purple petunia waves inbetween the sweet potatoes. Next, I will be putting in the purple Serena. We are almost done planting up the whole container tower.

It is really cool. And I have some old petunia waves, silvers, they are beautiful. I know they look leggy. They look like sticks. But here is what you do. When you have leggy sticks like this, you just snip off the tops just like that. That is all there is to it. And plant it anyway. Within a few weeks you will have flowers all over this baby, so do not toss them out if they look leggy. It is not the end of the world. You just gotta snip them back to the base and start all over again.

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