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Welcome to mountain view television, mvtv. The leaders of educating for the construction industry. Today we’re featuring residential new construction projects. If there’s one thing Regan is known for with Foster Design it’s stairs. The stairs on this project are oneofakind.

We want to go through and peel back the layers from the base of the glulam to the stair treads, to bullet holes, to where did this wood come from? Tell us the story Regan. Ok, so, there were two main things I really wanted to focus on with the stairs. One was I wanted the stairs on this first landing to.

Look like a solid piece of wood and then the second part of stairs to be some sort of floating staircase. So no stringer, no structural piece that you could see. So it would be floating treads. So, the first part we made out of psl, people use it as a structural beam in homes or any type of building construction and I’ve was always.

Loved that the grain, the look of the psl so i made it as this landing to be this solid piece of wood and then it transitions into the second part of the staircase. It’s all floating so there’s no stringer it just comes off the wall and then most of the structure is coming from all the spindles. Which we have to have for code. And then up top we.

Have all the treads for the cat walk. i have a friend who has a treetrimming business and he cut down this huge catalpa tree. It was probably 3′ wide and I bought this chain saw adapter and we milled this catalpa tree for 5 solid days. It was out with a chain saw, 8 hours a day, milling this catalpa and we got.

Bullet holes in it with some of the lead casing. Took out a few chain saw blades? Yeah! We had to sharpen all day. So that is what our cat walk is made out of is this catalpa. It’s about 2 thick slats. It’s such a difference in today’s building practices than, traditionally stairs were kind of just a thing.

To get you somewhere and it’s really becoming a work of art. They’re becoming a showcase on projects. But you definitely have to know what you’re doing because seeing this, where these are just floating like this, there’s a.

Lot of structure inside of that in the beams . as far as blending that engineering into beauty, right? It’s definitely knowing what you’re doing so, it’s an honor for us to have everyone come in and see these stairs. What you do here is not about cheapest and fastest.

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Welcome to mountain view television, mvtv. the leaders of education for the construction industry. Today we’ll be featuring a residential project. On every custom home a lot of the money goes into the kitchen and in a home like this with a big open floor plan and multiple families living and.

Using, it we had to turn the camera on and hear the story of the inspiration and design that went into this kitchen. So Libby and Regan, tell us the story about this awesome space. One thing that was really important for us was community. We really want to be able to host, have people over, meals are important where we can.

Share a great meal with neighbors and friends, family. So we wanted this kitchen to be big, open, huge island like we have and just something that is easy to accommodate other people. We kind of created this space to be able.

To go into part of the living room. We have this big Island, big oven and a ton of counter space. We wanted it so that whoever was prepping food in the kitchen or cooking in the kitchen could still be a part of the party. So they’ll be chatting with people and and share in that community. We didn’t want someone to be locked away, you know? Is that copper I see behind you?.

Yeah, so i’ve built a lot of copper countertops and i had this piece of copper left over. So I was able to integrate some copper countertops and then we have some Soapstone here. We have quartz over there and have some reclaimed hickory they were able to use for shelving. We were able to weld this hood, custom hood, over our oven. So there’s a lot of unique custom pieces that we were able to integrate into the kitchen.

Who designs all this stuff for you? is it literally in your head and you take parts and pieces and put it together? Is that how it works? Yeah it’s all in Regan’s head. We both come up with ideas but a lot of my ideas I’m always bouncing off of Libby, sometimes I have some pretty crazy ideas and they don’t turn out very well.

Well that’s the thing is, looking at this as just from a perspective, is there’s a lot of stuff going on here but there’s not one thing that looks out of place, and not everybody can do that. Having some open cabinets and.

Stuff you have to be able to manage that and live in a space like this. But also blending cost, because the kitchen can get very expensive. Tell us about the cabinetry, were did they come from? The cabinets are actually from Ikea so we built them here, right in the living room.

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