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Hi today alltoycollector’s going to review this really cool Barbie motorhome this motorhome is from 2006 and it is just amazing I have one surprise for this motorhome that I’ll show at the very end of the tutorial so you’ll have to watch the whole thing to see why i love this RV so let me open this up so we can peek at the inside of the motor home here so in front of the motor home.

The horn actually makes honking sounds and when you turn the key it makes the engine sounds there’s even a cool gps screen and the shifter lever now let me show you this product RV. Look there’s a couch and it folds out into a bed I’ll keep it as a couch first see it fits.

2 3 barbies there is elsa and anna and what’s really cool is that this chair actually swivels so you can put more people right in the RV there there’s Kristoff. He can go and talk to elsa and Anna. To the right of Kristoff there’s a Barbie TV there’s also a shelf with some books and pictures and a starfish and cool radio.

And some other neat things whoa! elsa’s tired first off we’ll make a bed for her. All Kristoff has to do is pull this down there’s a nice bed for Elsa. since elsa is taking a nap we can also have Kristoff and Anna take a nap. this pullout couch is really cool all you have to do is lift up and then you.

Can pull out two more sections in this couch. well I’m really impressed at how big this pullout couch gets when I was a kid I had a motor home it’s actually at DisneyCarToys house right now but my motorhome only had one single twin bed and look at this one has a twin bed and then this huge full band that could be even a kid and two adults and you know what else is neat. Look there’s a little lava lamp over here and.

This cupboard nap time is over and elsa’s hungry. let’s microwave a frozen pizzas for her so there’s the pizza and all you have to do is close the microwave and press the on button. And vala the pizza’s done. then let’s take it out. Oh hot hot hot. just kidding anyway let’s look at.

This oven just to see I should have just put the pizza in there. But I am just going to put some meat in there instead. so you know that all of these white cubberds here and none of them actually open in the noises a microwave made it really are from the Motorhome the sink doesn’t make water sounds but elae is still enjoys watching her hands with it.

Anna’s hungry too! let’s see what she can find in the fridge. there’s so many good things to choose from but it looks like Anna will have some milk you can place it right down on this counter right here while elsa and Anna eat they can actually play checkers. Isn’t that so cool or they can have extra silverware and plates. what i thought was really neat is that this plate plate is removalbe. now right behind elsa and Anna. It didn’t.

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