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How to grow roses in containers

Growing roses in containers is a great way to bring their color, fragrance and beauty into living areas Here’s how you can do it. Now the first thing to do, is to choose a nice open sunny site with plenty of air movement That will help prevent some of the disease issues Now, when you choose your varieties obviously pick A nice healthy specimen, if possible choose them when they’re in flower, because you’ll be able to pick your favorite colors.

And, also why not have a sniff. because many of them are really very beautifully fragrant I’m using David Austin variety of Rose is here because I like the all fashion flowers that comes with them I love their excellent disease resistance and also some of them are delightfully fragrant And the fragrance that comes from varieties like this Gertrude Jekyll is a lovely thing to have anywhere near your home. Now, when you get.

Your plants home. Choose a good sized container, that’s important Because roses are hungry, vigorous plants You’ll find that a larger size container means they’ll grow better but also they’ll be easier to water during the summertime Choose a good potting compost, make sure the container has a hole in the bottom And good drainage, and then really just during the growing season it’s a matter of Watering them.

And perhaps also giving them some liquid feeding, perhaps every week or ten days Then snip out the old, spent flowers To keep new fresh buds and new growth coming up from underneath And, if they ever become a little tall and leggy it’s okay to give them a summer prune. That means going in and trimming back a few of the shoots, a bit further down in the bush to encourage new fresh growth, and of course, a new round of flower buds and Flowering.

Now roses in containers are going to freeze during the wintertime if the left outdoors, so either you have to move the pot and all, into a more sheltered location Or better still, my advice would be to take the plant at the end to the Fall or early winter and plant it out somewhere in the garden, so if you’re able to grow it as a beautiful garden rose. Where ever you grow your roses, make sure that you were able to enjoy them.

They are really wonderful plants for a growing in containers as well as in the open ground. This is David Wilson enjoy your gardening, it’s good for us and it’s very good for our environment too.

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