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Wife’s wow this service just uh breaking about a 40 minute ago from the washington post Barton Gellman among others National Security Agency has secretly broken into the main communication links to connect ya who in Google data centers around the world according to documents obtained from former NASA contractor Edward snowed in and interviews with knowledgeable officials by capping those links the agency has positioned itself to collect that will from among hundreds of millions have user accounts many of them belonging to americans in SA does not keep everything it collects but it keeps a lot.

Presumably pros outspent right maybe it just keeps Nigerian the email scams which is trying to collect the biggest back we’re gonna have the biggest database at the 419 scams ever they were going to open a museum according to a top secret accounting dated January 9th 2013 and essays acquisitions director it sends millions have records every day from ya who in Google internal network data warehouses at the agency Fort Meade headquarters Wow in the preceding 30 days report said feel collectors had processed and sent back I don’t know a $181 million 280,000 466 new records.

Which would indicate ranging from metadata to content such as text audio in tutorial well the NSA’s principal tool to exploit the data links is a project called muscular now I ace in it operated jointly with the agency’s British counterpart this GCHQ Wow this is a pretty striking remember under the prism program it has front door access to Google in Yahoo user accounts I mean that’s the thing about the a European story bad I think you know first ball I Alexander said we don’t collect this data week and nato collect this data.

NSA Infiltrated Google, Yahoo Data Centers Worldwide

So we can see that the NSA probably does the old snowball check right which is you love the snow ball up in the air the person you trying to hit is watching that with their eyes and then they smack you with one well that one still up in the air in other words got front door access be a backdoor access we outside or access thirdfloor window access but they feel comfortable knowing that they can see is walk into their living room they just don’t know what we’re doing in the basement.

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