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Watchv9DL5pKPT1Rk 9DL5pKPT1Rk I received a photograph from someone named Brian, in Wisconsin, who’s dealing with an area at his home that’s between the garage and the house. So, as you can see, this is a long corridor. We have a distance of 15 feet from here to here. And then to the back, all the way back here, it’s about 35 feet, almost twice the length. So the idea is how do we get from the front to the back, through this narrow corridor. To the back is the south, so it gets more sun. Up here, less so. So, what I’m wondering about here, since the architecture.

Feels very traditional, what we might do is think about coming across here with some sort of a fence, a low picket fence to here to here to this corner, with some sort of evergreen here, like a Columnar ‘U’ and a ‘U’ here, because those do well in Wisconsin, where it’s very cold. This would be a picket fence that comes across with some sort of scalloped gate, like this. This could be underplanted here with Hosta, which would have big, large leaves in the growing season. And I definitely would bring this path of gravel, connecting.

The gravel here, putting down some sort of edging, Brian, along this way, and then carry this path all the way through to the back, back here. And what you’ve done is you’ve created a sense of entry into this space. There’s a door here where you can come in off of this gravel path into this door. And by doing this, you’ve set in place two beds, one here and one here. So then we need to think about what goes in these beds, and I would keep it very simple. And make sure that you have enough evergreen weighed against.

Virtual Makeover for a Detached Garage At Home With P. Allen Smith

The deciduous. Currently, you’ve got one evergreen here and everything else is deciduous so in the winter, it’s not that attractive. What I would do is come in here with a Rhododendron on this end and a Rhododendron done here on this end, again, to sort of frame this idea. There could be a focal point placed out here somewhere, where there could be a tree like a large red Maple, that would be gorgeous in the fall. Do a pair of Rhododendron here you could come up into this corner and put a Rhododendron on this side. There’s certainly.

Not room here. Then in these beds, I would fill them with perennials, so you don’t have to plant them year after year. And I would use things that can take the shade. So toward the back, I would plant ferns a big, wide bed of them here and the same on this side. Then in front of the ferns, I would plant something with a contrasting leaf like a Hukra or a Choral Bell. In front, all the way down, solid planting. And then in the corners, I would big groupings of Hosta to match what you have here. You see, using a limited plant.

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