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Hello everybody and welcome to California Gardening Today we’re going to see how to grow ginger It’s easy to grow Its fresh and nice out of your garden So let’s get started All you need is a nice 15 inch or so container With some kind of dirt. Now I used compost and its very easy to make your own compost in your garden and as you can see the ginger grows really well in this container It just has compost in it fruit peels, vegetable peels, shredded newspaper and you can see how rich this is it it’s amazing how much nutrients compost can hold.

And for ginger the main thing you need to know is to have a nice loose kind of soil Compost works really well. So as you can see the ginger has already started forming around the container So what we’re gonna do is just keep harvesting a little bit and then let the rest of it grow. So let’s try to pull this out Found a nice one here.well that’s a nice big chunk of ginger fresh as it is you can take what you want and let the rest grow.

Just take a trowel just see if are there anymore that you need to get or just cover it with the soil. So that’s a nice big chunk of ginger right there And as I said nothing like fresh ginger you can break this up and even grow some of these pieces as separate plants, if you wish to you can find out you know some of them would be really small like this one that I’m just gonna rip off right here that can grow into to a separate ginger plant so you can save it for later.

Growing ginger in containers guide, harvest and tips

Now all you do is just chop off the tops Remember you can even use the tops they still have that ginger taste in them what I usually do is just chop off above the greens and then put them in the compost pile so they get to work again right away. So there we go That’s our first harvest. So after harvests, wash them nicely and I’m sure you’ll love the fresh ginger from your garden Sometimes you might even see a ginger flower growing they look very pretty. I just had one growing in my container.

And I think I didn’t wait for it to bloom So let’s start harvesting some more as usual just clear the soil a little bit from around the ginger and you can use a trowel to harvest it just makes it a little easier you might find it a little bit difficult to pull the ginger or just like that so if you feel like it’s really hard you know just try to avoid breaking the whole plant just use a trowel just to support you and don’t pull the entire plant out.

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