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Best Products at a Farm Supply Store for Maximum Yield

Alright! this john kohler with growingyourgreens . with another exciting episode and aloha, i’m still here in beautiful Hawaii on the big island and it’s another exciting episode for you and I’m really excited about this one, you know. As you guys know when you watch me or this is the first tutorial you guys as watched of me, then I teach an organic, biologic, natural, gardening approach or farming approach. If youre growing on a bigger scale, right. It’s completely possible; I have visited so many different farms and home gardens, as.

Well as grow myself. there is nothing to it, you know and grow organically and grow high quality food really good quality food without really messing up the island. Messing up the mother earth, you know. I mean, we put these chemicals, synthetic (you know) water soluble fertilizers that basically leads through the earth, kill the microbial, reduce the populations and then run of into the ocean or into the Gulf of Mexico. Create dead zone that can pollute the water table and all this kind of stuff and this is what I do not want to.

See for our planet. i want to see a healthy vibrant rich planet (you know) that would have been around like, before man got involved and as you guys learn in just couple of my episodes ago instead of being degenerate to the agriculture or degenerate to using synthetic chemicals and fertilizers and even better is sustainable but that is sustaining the status coat. I want you guys all to do regenerative agriculture and to do true regenerative agriculture. If we’ve been growing food in a nonsustainable way and we’re using those products to reenrich.

Our soils, such as tree limbs and compose and all these stuffs we really can’t get to the regenerative aspects. So in my opinion, we really need to add in some additional nutrients and microbes into the soil to basically bring that soil alive. So it can get back to full fertility, how it would have been before man stepped on any of these beautiful Hawaiian Islands or even before man set foot in continental United States. I know many of you guy can email and say John where can I get rock test? Where do I get this? Where do I get.

That? i have a friend, josh at the boogie brew company. you can check him out at boogiebrew /gyg. They will ship the rock dust to you. No matter where in the fifty United States you live in, including Hawaii. I want to always encourage you guys to source your products locally whenever possible and more importantly from a really cool business organization (you know) that actually helps and promotes farming to others. That is simply where I am at today. They are going to provide you guys with all the conventional fertilizers. If you guys still do that I want.

To encourage you guys to move in the other direction. they provide you with an awesome larger selection of organic nutrients fertilizers, whatever you want to call them. Anywhere in the islands you want to visit today makes me want to move to the big island, just because this store is so super cool. Its actually called the Farm Supply Corporative Inc. While it is incorporated, this is actually a not for profit business. This is a true corporative owned by the members. There is a board that runs it and all these stuff and what you do.

Is you can pay $30 a year, just 30 bucks a year and then you are a member. then you get lower prices and you are supporting them to be more efficient at their business. So the more members they can get the more prices they can drop because at the end of the year they are not doing this for a profit. They are doing this simply to make some of these fertilizers, nutrients and accessories available to farmers at the lowest price possible instead of having to go to some big bucks store. This is a 100% local company owned by the people.

And i want to encourage you guys to always support local whenever you can especially here on the islands. Instead of a big, large corporation coming in that are not doing the best things in the world. So we are here, and it’s not 366 east Kawilli Street actually that is on their sign, but that’s their old address. They moved over two years ago and I think they’re on island time. They’re actually at 60 Holomua, which is actually just right around the corner from 366 East Kawilli Street. Theyre still supposed to wipe that out.

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