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This is Matt Hoots with the Hoots group Atlanta’s green contractor And I’m at the Mid Town green playhouse on the outside of the house we’re using Rhino shield which is going to help with the durability but also on the inside we have another paint that Rhino Shield of Georgia can install it’s called Nature’s Cote and what’s impressive about this paint is not only is it green and because it has low VOCs this means doesn’t indoor air quality but also very durable I saw a demonstration where they took a wire brush.

To show it doesn’t scratch the surface and I know you know you wouldn’t use a wire brushes at home to clean your walls but mothers that have kids with crayons and other things that end up on the walls that would wipe them down a traditional latex paint is going to smear and get destroyed by constantly cleaning but this this one is not I’m here with Roxanne and she’s going to tell us a little more about why they chose this paint to promote here in Georgia also some the other benefits we haven’t mentioned yet.

Interior paint products is a very durable product as Matt was saying. Mothers love it because kids are coloring scratching up the surface it does clean up very well. Its a very smooth product its a one coat product that you can apply just one application cleanup process is just water soap and it cleans up great and as far as the smoothing touching up you can touch up the product just going across it one time and it touches up great super product just comes in any color and basin to make anything with you.

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Are looking for.okay and one other thing that people always ask own special going green but what is the cost comparison to typical paints I think I asked you earlier about on the prices seem comparable to other paints that we use right now so home for the extra benefit it doesn’t seem like we are having to pay a lot more correct. We are very comparable to any product out there They can contact us at 6782054500 or go to the website at rhinoshieldga thank you very much and thanks for being part of project playhouse.

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