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This twostory home has two bedrooms and is located just a few meters from the sand apply akasa kate in the total region of Nicaragua just minutes away from some of the top surf breaks along the Pacific coast perfect option for someone looking to move fulltime or to use a vacation home or rental property this gated ocean from community is about one kilometer north of papagayo and features gravel roads water electricity and 24 7 security there is great surf right out on the beach and many other waves are also closed by the first floor features a very open design while the upstairs offers privacy and a nice.

Breeze from the valley to the east the backyard offers ample space for a large terraza pull an oar garden the house is unfurnished you can add your own personal touch with appliances and decor plus concrete tile floors natural stone countertops ondemand hot water heater.

Raleigh International in Nicaragua introducing a new water system

At the moment Raleigh are working with a cooperative who are in partnership with communities in northern Nicaragua such as the one we’re in, Los Loros in Achuapa, at the moment we’re helping them with sort of a self aid project such as a gravitation water feed system where they’re able to provide themselves with uncontaminated water supplies as well as gaining skills for themselves.

To help out other communities. The aims of the project I’m working on now currently to get fresh water from the water source up high in the mountains down into the communities, so directly into the houses so to tap sources. At the moment they currently have to travel to go collect water from streams, rivers that are also used by animals, wild as well as domestic, and can contaminate it and cause diseases and infections. Due to their lack of medicine its essential that they.

Get clean water so they don’t have to suffer through such illnesses. Everyone has been really really nice We don’t speak much Spanish so we get quite a lot of hand gestures and we’ve got dictionaries and things like that so we try and translate as much as possible so we can speak with them. Living with the families has been an incredible experience. They influence, they’ve shared life experiences, they’ve taught me a lot. They’ve made me understand.

How this culture lives and the differences. We learned so much about the food their beliefs, and it helps you understand that the world’s much more different than you expect it to be. The opportunity to learn how other people live and how we can make it better place with this work. Kids they don’t really have much out here and what they’ve got they got, they make a lot from. Back in the UK everything is handed to people.

And they don’t actually see how lucky they are. They totally see what they’ve got out here but they make a lot out of what they’ve got. It was a really interesting opportunity to open my eyes to realize that there is people also who want to do something. The stream they use right now are open air so people shower in it. There are a lot of animals and bacteria in it. So if the kids use this water, they need to make sure that this was clean.

They’re most likely to get sick from the water because its going to be contaminated.


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