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Today we’re going to talk about sweet potatoes How to grow them in containers And once you see how easy it is You will be pleasantly surprised Growing sweet potatoes is very easy Just use some Sweet potatoes from the grocery store And keep them in a glass of water Within a few days you will see these Roots emerging from the bottom of the Sweet Potato And the plants and the leaves growing from the top This is when it is ready to be transplanted into Containers So we transplanted one of them to one container.

You can even cut off various pieces As long as there are roots and plants and leaves And transplant them in multiple containers They will go pretty fast and easy Once planted, all you need to make sure is they get enough water You do not want to waterlog it Just make sure they are getting enough water I have used a drip irrigation system here Within a few weeks you are going to see that The Sweet Potato plant is going to grow into a vine And you can either train the vines.

Or you can just let them grow all over the place It does not really matter As the vine keeps growing The Sweet Potatoes are continuing to form Below the surface of the soil When the vine starts dying off Or when it has been about three months or so The Sweet Potatoes are ready for harvest If you see here, the soil is pretty rich Its because I have used a lot of compost here You don’t really need to use any fertilizers But Sweet Potato is a root plant.

Growing Sweet Potatoes in Containers Guide, Tips and Harvest

So you may want to use some Rock Phosphate If your soil is not rich enough I’ve grown these sweet potatoes in compost and soil And hardly used any fertilizers here With good compost material in your growing medium You are going to see a lot of activity in the soil You are going to see worms The plants are able to absorb the minerals really well So that’s the benefit of having good soil So that harvest looks pretty good In a container of this size You can expect to get a few pieces of Sweet Potatoes.

The longer you let these plants grow The more Sweet Potatoes its going to keep producing And make sure you get all the Sweet Potatoes That are there Some of these Sweet Potatoes Could be hiding deep inside While you see this harvest, let me give you a tip Most of the root plants like Sweet Potatoes, Taro Root, Potatoes Anything that’s under the ground They need a lot of Phosphate So if you feel that you are not getting a good yield What I would suggest is. Enriching the soil with some source of Phosphate.

Let’s continue to harvest the remaining Sweet Potatoes Making sure we don’t leave any behind You’re free to wear gloves if you want to When you are digging into your container I just like to use my hands It just makes me feel closer to nature It makes me feel close to what I am doing I think we got most of it now Here we go, that’s our harvest That looks pretty good It’s all ready to be washed and We could turn these into some delicious dishes So there’s our harvest.

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