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Hello I’m Billy Alt with Winn reality group in Las Vegas I wanted to tell you about a great new program called Hero’s Home Advantage. It started back after nine eleven when Michelle Lad the founder wanted to give back to the first responders and the military that did so much for our great country. Moving forward to 2013 we started a chapter here locally because we wanted to give back to our local las vegas heroes. I’m a marine veteran so I truly have a passion to give back. What you get a 25 percent reduction in.

Fees from real estate from the buy or sell of your home, you get a minimum of $250 reduction in lender fees, as well as a minimum reduction of 25 from your title company. Our other partners also give from insurance to home inspection to rehab will get reductions as well. Who’s qualified for this Police, fire, military and veterans, firs responders, and any medical field which will be doctors and nursers. AND we threw on school teachers this year to help them out because they are true heroes of our community. If you want.

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