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It’s Smith, Allen Smith. Well, if you’ve been to a party lately, you know the full bar is back in. And it’s really easier to create one of these in a small space than you might expect. Take, for instance, my bar that I have just in the corner of this room. It’s on a relatively small table. It’s only 42 inches wide and about 21 inches deep. And notice, I covered this old table with a peace of glass. Very important here, if you’re gonna mix drinks and so forth on it. And something I’ve used to sort of organize the drinks and.

So forth is a large tray. It comes in really handy. You can place all of these drinks on it. And it just makes this table feel like it’s a little more organized. So let’s go through some of the nonbeverage components of this, and then we’ll get to the liquor itself. You’ll need variety of glasses, some napkins, a wine opener, a martini mixer, as well as some clear glass bowls for lemons and limes. Also, I like to use an old Mint Julep cup with some small spoons for stirring, as well as some little forks for olives and.

So forth. An opener for beer. And of course, an ice bucket. You can see, this large tray holds up to, well, over 22 bottles of drinks and mixers. So let’s just talk about some of the basic liquors you’re gonna wanna have. There’s scotch and whiskey here, vodka, rum, and of course, gin. And then some of the mixers You’re gonna want club soda, tonic, also some sparkling and flat water, as well as lime juice, and here’s some grenadine syrup, and bitters, and of course, olives, if you want that dirty martini. Also, if you have a group.

How to Stock a Home Bar At Home With P. Allen Smith

Of friends and you know what they like, it’s always nice to have that on hand. Like a singlemalt scotch whiskey. And it’s also good to have a bottle of red and a bottle white wine at hand. And if you’re doing specialty drinks, you’ll wanna have all the ingredients for those here as well. But as you can see, you can do a lot in a small space. I hope this helps you setup your bar. And remember to drink alcohol responsibly. If you’re enjoying these segments, check in with us regularly and subscribe to eHow Home. Cheers.

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