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Growing Strawberries Chandler Variety Big Delicious

In the plant profile series of tutorials today we will look at a strawberry variety that’s called quot;Chandlerquot; it’s a vigorous very prolific variety that’s only easy to grow but is absolutely delicious so we will be growing these strawberries in two types of containers these containers that you see here are quite wide however they’re not as deep now the Chandler produces a lot of strawberries.

So we’re also going to compare it with growing in a deeper container and see how that works out I have used a standard morning mix of 30 percent peat moss 30 percent perlite and 30 percent compost I’ve not added any fertilizer yet I’ll let this strawberry plant set in after transplanting them and give them some time to just you know settle down in the new environment and then once they’re settled.

May be after a couple of weeks you can start your fertilizers schedule And the Chandler variety of strawberry has very shallow roots so you can pretty much grow it any in any kind of container here you can see the strawberry plants growing now I planted these strawberry plants in December because these are June bearing strawberries so if you plant them in December It gives them some time to kind of grow a little bit.

Larger so that when its June they start producing flowers and fruits so this strawberry variety grows great along the West Coast and you can see that it also grows great in some other states that you can see here so I used the snack here that you can see to protect distraught buddies from birds and other critters and it seems to do a good job without affecting the growth of the strawberry plants so what you’re seeing here is a 16 inch large.

Container and it holds about five to seven gallons of soil and that’s quite enough to grow this variety of strawberry as you can see the strawberries are pretty large and this is one of the reasons this strawberry is also grown commercially it’s not only large in size doesn’t have any defects its good looking and it also tastes very good it has one of the best taste profiles amongst all the strawberry plants.

Strawberries do well with an allpurpose fertilizer so make sure that the fertilizer you’re getting doesn’t have high amounts of nitrogen however the strawberry doesn’t need a lot of fertilizer so as long as you’re growing the strawberries in a decent conditions using lot of compost some well draining soil as I have done here you can get a lot of strawberries very easily this strawberry variety is also very resistant to any kind of insects and although it is susceptible to diseases.

I’ve never really seen any kind of diseases on my strawberry plants the only thing that you want to remember is slugs just love to eat strawberries leaves and the strawberries so if your strawberries are getting ripe just make sure the slugs are no where around the strawberries because all you’re gonna get is strawberries that have large holes in them and not very pretty and this is why I prefer growing strawberries in containers.

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