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Hi how are you, my name is Muhamad Azree Today I will show you around my house which is currently under construction for us to understand more about the concept that I will bring in this build Come, let’s go Walking sound Alright everyone, we will now begin with the concept I am using 2 20 footer container on the lower floor with 2 40 footer container ISO Standard on the upper floor So. I will explain about the exterior first So on my right now is the area where it will serve as masterbedroom and a small library for my visitors.

So as the other side on my left There’s behind this staircase is the main kitchen Which is kinda huge and basically the kitchen is connected with both containers Let’s look around the kitchen walking sound So now we are in the main kitchen which is connected with both containers 1 and 2 doors as we can see And we have 2 different toilets behind the kitchen The 3rd and fourth toilets are located on the second floor Come let’s explore the second floor. Climbing stair sound So now we are on the second floor, err, as you can see we are connecting both containers too.

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