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Out here at my place, we always try to be prepared. You never know when there’s gonna be some kind of natural disaster. I’ve got a few things you might wanna think about. You know, when it comes to being prepared for a disaster hang on just a minute there’s some things you ought to have on hand. And it really doesn’t take a lot of time to do this. And if disaster ever strikes in the way of major storm system hurricane, tornados, or even earthquake, it pays to have some things in place. One of the first things you wanna.

Make sure you have is plenty of water. FEMA recommends that you have at least 1 gallon per person per day, and you need at least a three day supply. Then when it comes to food, think of canned goods, and think of canned goods that don’t require any kind of heating, because you never know, you may not have any electricity or source of power to heat the food. And also, choose things that are high in protein. You know, these with the pull lids are nice, but if they don’t have a pull lid, make sure you have a can.

Opener, otherwise it’s gonna be tough to get in there. You wanna make sure you have a source of light in the way of candles, plenty of candles, and ways to light the candles. Matches are great, but if it’s really wet, you need some other device that’ll make sure you get a flame. And, of course, you don’t wanna be without flashlights or batteries. And then you need to think about communication. Hey, what if you don’t have cellphone service What about walkie talkies They’re pretty inexpensive, actually. It’s a great way to.

Home Emergency Kit MustHaves At Home With P. Allen Smith

Communicate. Just make sure you have batteries. And the other thing is you get a National Weather Report with these, which can be very helpful. And it’s very handy to have a radio, just make sure you have plenty of batteries to go along with them. And then, of course, there’s hygiene. You’re gonna want some toiletries, some soap. And then when it comes to medical, you need a first aid kit, and always have some peroxide. Keep a first aid kit packed away. And I tell ya’, what I like to do is have one of these plastic containers where.

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