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Righty oh, i’m gonna build a floor plan as fast as i can using sweet home 3d i’m going to import a backgroundimage so I’ve got some kind of guide This is something i created in Photoshop and it’s the floor plan of my house continue.

So you have to set the ruler first so it knows how big a meter is. roughly That is 13 meters so i type 1300 in there continue. I might just set a set an origin point now that’s a pretty good place for one. good. zoom in a bit.

Position that right. now i start to draw some walls start down there, wall. go to that point. go to that point. go to that point, go to that point that point that point that point that point that point that point and.

Wow, i could’ve done that a bit better. do some internal walls now that just won’t attach, so i have to hold down the alt key so i can fine tune it. right down to the bottom, press escape start again. Start there, go down to there, go down to there go down to there and press escape.

This wall is a small section That’s done. And i should have done that bit aswell. It’s done now. That’s a chimney. That’s another chimney. now I’m going to set the wall thickness multi select holding down shift.

That, that, that, that, that n that. not all walls are thick. Only some of them are. So i’m going to select the thick ones. control shift E, 25 centimeters and they’re all thick now and I can now just fine tune the locations a little bit Control Z, a few times there, i rotated it slightly That’s good, onetwothreefour onetwothreefour.

Hold down control shift e make that 40 centimeters. That’s how big the chimneys are Tap that in slightly Tap that up a little bit little bit more Righty oh, i’m going to put some doors in now.

Open door open door, opens that way another open door, and another open door. This particular door opens the opposite way to how the model has been drawn let’s check out the 3d image.

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