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Here in los angeles housing is expensive but there’s an alternative which could save about thirty percent on construction cost shipping container homes CBS News Tuesday market shows us more as the cost of living rises the way we live is changing people are living in modular homes prefab homes and even shipping container homes. containers get all the headlines countless shipping containers come into the ports of LA and Long Beach and many of them stay but.

Some are being repurposed into everything from retail spaces to homes when Paula approached me about a shipping container home I thought this is insane and then I met Peter and I still thought it was insane. Matt and Paula dowd are using shipping containers to build two shipping container homes in Redondo Beach one for them and one for Grandma. I can age in place and my grandchildren will grow up here and I’ll be with my daughter and my son inlaw. they’re building with architect.

Peter demaria but it’s an idea that still stirs controversy. in this area you mostly find Mediterranean or craftsman style homes and you bring something like this to the city and they’re like, yeah I don’t know? it took several trips to the City Council to get their property approved with multiple modifications to the design and Matt had the same concerns as the city. my opinion was oh my gosh it’s going to be boxy and corrugated but many homes built from shipping containers look like this and.

This all of these homes were designed by the architect very few people be able to tell wow that’s a shipping container home. containers are the thing that really breaks down the door and people say maybe I can do the little bit differently and I’m not going to sacrifice quality and I’m not going to sacrifice on the size of the house and all of it translates into doing it less expensively. most containers can be covered with any surface like.

Wood stucco or vinyl siding and it’s affordable while maintaining quality in general they’re around 30 percent less than traditional construction a great value but the quality of construction is a heavy gauge steel that that blows away wood frame house a comforting thought in quakeprone Southern California and by upcycling metal containers it’s one of the greenest options available so the containers become a means to an end.

We’re changing the way we think about building and we’re saving the planet. we’re taking material and upcycling it as opposed to cutting down five or six acres of forest every time we put up a new wood frame house. DeMaria says there’s a revolution to change how we live and the Dowd’s are early adopters and I think this is how a great progress is made really this happen overnight and the fact that we’re building shipping container homes makes it less.

Homes That Withstand Tornadoes

Rob: tornado season started early this year. a string of devastating storms ripped across the Midwest in early February, leaving more than fifty dead. Such destruction is all too common, yet it is something some homebuilders believe could be avoided with sturdier construction. As our Hannah Wright explains, concrete homes could be the wave of the future. Hannah Wright: While the materials may be light as a feather, once they’re put together, they’re hard as a rock. Richard Oglesby is the general manager of Oklahoma Insulated.

Concrete forms, a new company that is trying to change the way we build homes in the state. Oglesby: Basically, they are a onebyfour block, and they are one foot wide. You stack them up like legos, and you put rebar inside for reinforcement, and you fill them with concrete, and you have a strong, sturdy concrete outside structure, outside wall of your home. Hannah: They may look like a child’s toy, but there is nothing elementary about the benefits. Oglesby: Homeowners just love it, especially.

A lot of the wives. the men of course, they love the structure. you’re in a concrete fortress, almost. They love the energy bills, because their heating and cooling costs go way down. They love their tax savings from the Energy Efficiency Act of 2005. They love their insurance savings; because you have a fire resistant home; it gets the same rating as a commercial building. Wives love it, or mothers love it because it’s a quiet home. Hannah: And builders can benefit from insulated concrete forms, as well. Duane Holloway is.

Territory manager of greenblock worldwide, a company that has been manufacturing icf for more than 40 years. Duane Holloway: You can do this much faster than you can a conventional method, because you’re cutting out some of the processes that you have to do; they’re just a little different. Hannah: As times change, so has the building industry. Tulsa Technology Center is now teaching ICF building in their courses. Oglesby: The students are being trained with the curriculum that Oklahoma ICF is providing.

To the technology centers. so, they’re learning here; then they’re taken to the outside world. Now we’ll have trained crews. Now we can bring down the cost. Now we have people that understand that we can whip these homes together a lot faster and move forward. And our goal is to drive down the cost so everybody can afford to live in an energyefficient, safe home. Hannah: Howard Smith is the carpentry instructor for Tulsa Technology Center, and says by taking his course, students get handson experience with cutting edge technology.

Howard smith: getting the students out where they are trained in this field is so important. Because if we can get some contractors to start in with this, they’ll have a labor force that they can choose from by coming to Tulsa Tech and hiring our students. Because we are training them in the most innovative ways of today’s building. Hannah: And student Kyle Tribble says, building with ICF blocks is much easier than with conventional wood framing. Kyle Tribble: Well, it takes a lot less tools.

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