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Welcome to mountain view television, mvtv. the leaders of educating for the construction industry. Today we’ll be featuring a residential remodel project. Hi I’m Devon Tilly the host of MVTV. I’m so excited to be on site today with Regan and Libby Foster, the homeowners and also Regan is the builder of this house.

The house is built out of, what was that regan? Nine shipping containers. Nine shipping containers! Not a lot of shows where you can say that. This house is built out of that, 4,000 square feet, nine shipping containers! Give us the lay of the land Regan. Yeah so we built our house out of nine shipping containers We started the construction process about a year ago,.

And this is what we came up with. So today on MVTV we’re going to go through and showcase some of the killer items as far as the windows doors, the stairs, the entry door that is built out of a shipping container door. Libby tell us about this space were in here. It’s such a cool story as far as this big open space. Correct me if I’m wrong, you’re not the only people that call this home. That’s true.

We live with a couple and their child and also with my mother. So it’s kind of like an adult, kind of like going back to college, where you come back to this space and hang out and then go to all your homes and come back together. I’ve seen this big shift about people wanting all these.

Unique materials and we’re looking right over downtown Denver, and they’ve taken all these things and kind of put them together. The passion that Regan has of taking wood and metal and shipping containers and all the traditional concrete and all the stuff and blending.

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