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Hi, I’m Tricia, a California organic gardener and I love to cook with herbs and they’re really easy to grow in containers for a yearround supply or for those of you with limited space It’s important to start out with a really good organic potting soil one that retains moisture really well since containers dry out faster than garden soil as far as containers go, herbs will grow in just about anything I’m using these environmentally friendly pots some of these are made out of bamboo and others out of rice hulls.

Herbs generally have a small root system and don’t mind drying out in between watering so you can get away with putting them in a small container In fact some herbs like, thyme and oregano, won’t be as tasty if they get a lot of water don’t worry about fertilizing your herbs most herbs are very sensitive to over fertilization and some will die completely if they’re overfed herbs don’t care to be fussed over and voil! I’m planting two types of mint in this container, pineapple mint and spearmint for my friend Stephanie.

Herbs don’t really mind being snug with regular harvesting you’ll end up with bushy, contained herbs with herbs, the more you harvest the more you get voil! It’s good to plant mint in containers because it can be very invasive it makes a great Moroccan mint tea and it can stand partial sun Basil is one annual that does mind crowding and that’s because it’s susceptible to mildew So it’s important to have good airflow between the plants Not everybody has six or more hours of sun but that’s ok there are some herbs that you can plant in containers that like partial sun.

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