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Hey guys its alex. over the past couple months, I have had a bunch of people. sorry this is my kitty. i’ve had a bunch of people ask me what i use for scar treatment and then i tell them that i make my own scar treatment and then they’re like, okay nevermind. so. but its really super easy and i just wanted to make a tutorial to show you guys what i use um because it’s really really good and its pretty cheap to make. so um yeah. what i used.

To use, the first little while, while i was doing scar treatment, i was using uh palmer’s cocoa butter along with bio oil and then i ran out of those and then i kind of stopped caring about my scars as much and i didnt really want to pay for more stuff so i forgot about it for a while but then my scars started bugging me and so what i did was i researched the ingredients in those products and some other products that are actually the scar treating components of them as opposed to just like the fillers or fragrance. um and.

Then i made my own sort of homemade formula, uh which i’m going to show you guys how to make. so here you can see all the ingredients and equipment that you’re going to need. the ingredients of it are pretty simple, um you’re going to buy them in quantities larger than what you actually need. all the stuff here probably cost around $70 for me to buy, but you’re only going to use a tiny bit of all this stuff. like i bought this huge thing of coconut oil but only use a cup of it per batch, which lasts me several months. um so.

Alexs DIY All Natural Scar Treatment Tutorial!

You know its a big initial investment but it will last me a long time and end up being way more cost effective and i think it works better than all of the commercial stuff. all this stuff like some of it you might already have, or anything else that’s like a specialty item you can definitely pick up at um a local uh like your natural food store or whatever. i already have a bunch mixed up for myself here that i’m still using, but i am mixing up a new batch for my friend matisse who i’m going to see in a few days. in terms of ingredients,.

You’ll want to get virgin coconut oil. probably you want like cold pressed organic is the best. the more you buy usually, the more cost effective so if you want to use this for a while i suggest getting a big thing of it. i paid $30 for this. then you’re going to want both um shea butter and cocoa butter, or one or the other if you can’t find one. um this is a mix of shea butter and coca butter that i found for around $20. then you’re going.

To want some aloe vera, um as pure as you can get. this is 99 jelly. extra virgin olive oil, this is just like $4 from a regular grocery store. and then whatever essential oils you want but i would recommend getting lavender, especially because. this is actually one of the main ingredients for scar treatment in bio oil along with some other oils. which you can also put calendula oil in it, i’m not sure how to say that but um apparently that is more used for earlier scars so i don’t put that in. and also the other main ingredient.

In bio oil that isn’t included here is vitamin e and a, and you can add those if you want but honestly like all these oils and butters and everything have plenty of that in it already. um so i don’t really feel like i need it. the other things you’re going to need are obviously a container to put it in when you’re done. a stainless steel bowl, you’ll realize why in a minute. and a mixer. okay so basically what i’m first going to do is we have to soften.

Up this shea butter cocoa butter. so i’m going to measure out a cup of this. okay so i just added a cup of the cocoa butter shea butter mix and you’re going to have to wash your stuff again. i like to use a small one because it’s just easier to scoop with. then what you’re going to have to do is melt this down a little but uh which is why we’re using this bowl, because you want to do it slowly um so that you don’t cook out all the good vitamins.

And stuff that is in this butter. so how we’re going to do that i’m going to show you. we’re going to put it on the stove, double boil it. you can use a double boiler but i don’t have one so i just boil water. turn it down so it’s not too hot once it’s boiling. set this bowl on top and then you’re just going to have to be really patient for a little while. keep stirring it as it melts. okay so here you can see that it’s melting. it.

Doesn’t take too long because its only a cup. you don’t even need to get it all the way melted, it just needs to be soft enough so that you can blend it. so having a couple of these chunks in here is fine. so i’m going to go ahead and take that off. okay so now i’m going to add the coconut oil to this melted cocoa shea butter. i’m going to add the same amount, about a cup, maybe a bit more. you could melt this on there too, um but it will.

Probably melt in this warmed up butter. okay so here’s your mixture of coconut oil and the cocoa butter and shea butter. you can just break this oil up a little bit, give it a stir. um next we’re going to add. get that off. four tablespoons of this aloe vera gel. one, two, three, four. four tablespoons of olive oil, extra virgin if you have it. one, two, three, four. last but not least, we’re going to add the lavender oil or any essential oils you want. i like to add about 20 drops. there. blend it! keep.

Blending it until it’s all mixed. okay so you’re going to keep uh blending that with your mixer for a couple minutes until you can see now it looks really nice and light and fluffy. you can add more coconut oil if you want to thicken it up. this is looking really good. it’s still going to look relatively liquidy but that’s partially because you melted the shea butter and coconut butter, but it makes it easy to pour into your container. and it’s going to thicken up as it cools back down again. get all of that out. it smells.

Soooo good! and this stuff is really really awesome for scars. i’ve had a lot of people compliment me on my scars and ask me how i treat them. this stuff has been working miracles for me. it will last a good long while. basically what i do with this scar stuff is that i’ll take a tiny little bit. see that’s like how thick it looks when it dries up. i’ll take like that much per scar and then rub it along my incision line and i think the massaging helps a lot, too. just to bring blood flow to your scar and help with healing.

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