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I’m Matheus Bras. I’ve been a developer at HElabs for approximately 2 years. I’m working on a project called PetRoomie. PetRoomie is a community that aims to connect people who have pets and need to travel or leave for a while, and they find people who are willing to house their pets in their homes. The project works like an Airbnb for pets. We’re using Ruby on Rails, and we are hosting it in Heroku, which is our preferred option for hosting apps. A major challenge was to set up the booking system on the site.

We needed something secure where the user could have solid interaction and be able to choose service type and date during booking, while the cost is updated instantaneously on the screen. Another challenge was the user experience creating a pleasant design and layout conveying trust to the user, that the system is secure, the business is serious and works. It’s been great to work on this project. It’s been awesome work with Monique, our client. From the start, she understood the process and this has helped us a lot with our work,.

Considering the way in which we work, through client interactions, we can change the system a lot and every week, we are able to make many changes. From the start, she sought user feedback, precisely to be able set the direction during our interactions. She is very happy with the results and is quite confident, she signed a new contract, and we will keep working together for a long time. On the homepage, the user can make some choices, filter the choices by state and view the ads from that state.

Matheus Bras sobre trabalho feito no Pet Roomie. Matheus Bras on Pet Roomie.

Here, you will see a list of the ads from the selected state. We can choose an add here, to view some information about the ads and information about the advertiser, Where they’re from, which city, their pets. This is very important when picking someone. The login is done through Facebook, since the site doesn’t have its own login system. Down here, you can see a few explanations about how the system works, for every step, registration, searching and booking, and leave your pet here. We more detailed information here about registration and why PetRoomie is amazing.

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