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Welcome to the City of San José’s tutorial on designing an addition to your singlefamily residence. You will benefit most from this tutorial if youfirst do a few things. Identify the zoning of your property. Go to sjpermits and click on the zoningdesignation map. If your property is zoned R15 or R18,this tutorial is for you. If your property is zoned differently, speak with a City Planner about your interest in an addition.

The rules for setbacks explained in this tutorialwill still be helpful to you, so go ahead and watch. Next, check if your property is listed onthe City’s Historic Resources Inventory. If your property is on the list, you’ll definitely have to speak with a City Planner before you make any plans for an addition. Ok, are you ready? Let’s begin. Globally, San José is known as the “Capital of the Silicon Valleyâ€� and is the tenth

largest city in the country. It’s also a City of great neighborhoods. I’m Steve McHarris, the Planning Officialfor the City of San José. Today, we’re going to talk about what youneed to know before you draw up plans for an addition to your home. For an addition to a singlefamily home, weare going to ask you two important questions that determine your permit approval process. First, will the addition make your house higherthan 30 feet from the ground

or greater than 2 stories? Second, will the addition increase the floorarea of your house to more than 45 percent of your lot size? If you answer ‘yes’ to either question,you’ll need to get a SingleFamily House Permit before you can get a Building Permit,and you’ll need to review your proposal with a Planner. Resources at the end of this tutorial providemore information, including a form that will help you calculate your floor area.

It’s probably becoming clear to you thatthe size of your addition matters. Let’s talk to Eric. I happen to know he has an addition in mind,we can use his project as a way to explain the design requirements. Hey Steve. Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciateit. Hey Eric, how’s it going? So, here’s my house.

Our family is getting bigger and we want toadd on another bedroom. Actually, we want to extend our den and puta new master bedroom over it. And we’d also like to expand our front porch. Okay, so let’s use your project to reviewthe rules for setbacks for your addition. The first step is to find out whether thereare any easements and building line limitations which might limit the development on yourproperty. An easement is a portion of the property thatmay limit your ability to build on because it provides access to another property oraccess to electric lines, sewer lines,

Egg Carton Math a fun addition multiplication game for kids

Hi, I’m Miss Brain. In this tutorial I’mgonna teach you some games you can play with an egg carton that will help you get betterat math. Okay for egg carton math all you need isan empty egg carton and a couple of small objects. I found acouple of playing pieces in a game but you can also use rocks or beans and anything small like that. Youalso need a pen and a marker and inside you’re gonnawrite

some numbers. I wrote the numbers 1through 12 and I kinda mixed them up just for fun and so you’ll write numbers in here andthen when you’re ready to playwe’re gonna play the addition version firstI’m just going to put both mycounters anywhere in there, close the box, shake it up and then I open the box.oh, look! They both landed in the same one

They both landed on number 4 so four plus four is 8, so 8 is my score for the first round, I’ll write that on myscore sheet. Now it’s your turn Shake it up, you have one in number 10and one in five so you get the score of 15 for your first one. Um, so that’s howthat works and you know if you want to practiceadding bigger numbers than you just write bigger numbers

in the bottom here or if you’re practicingmultiplication then that’s a good one, you just put your numbers in there just exactly the same way shake it up 6 and 12. 6 times 12 is 72 so I would get 72 points in my on my score sheet. If you were doingmultiplication and just starting out and you didn’t know all the way up toyour twelves then you know you could just write easier numbers, maybe youcould write

1,2,3,4,5 and 10 and just write those a coupletimes in here and then you would practice multiplying some easier numbers until you got better and that’s how you play Egg Carton Math.

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