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STEVE Hi, my name is Steve. We’re in Cambridge, Mass. And I’m going to be taking you on a tour of our house that we call the block house. So come on in. We kind of knew that this house existed. Didn’t really know exactly where it was. We realized that we had remembered seeing it in the stages of being built. We really loved the idea that when we moved in here, that it was set to go. We didn’t really have to do anything. All right. When we first enter the house, we’re in the dining room and.

The kitchen. It’s kind of a combined area. And what you see is what you get. This is where we spend an awful lot of our time. One of the features that we love about this house, as a whole, are the corner windows, the skylights. We get all of our light coming in through the top. And it provides us tons of natural light. One of the features of this house, of course, are the angles, because it’s, essentially, three boxes stacked on top of each other. But you also have this central stair.

And it forms its own mass. It’s a real nice contrast to the stark white walls and white floors. And as we move up the stairs, we’re then going to transition into a floor area that is totally wood. This is all plywood, which is kind of a cool use for a material that you usually think of not as much as a finished product, but more as a structural product. Here you see it’s actually used as a finished material. Half of the second floor is a bedroom. It’s our daughter’s bedroom.

There is no home like this one OffBeat Spaces Tutorial The Box House

A nice feature of that room is that it can be totally closed off from the rest of the house by sliding panels. So she’s got tons of her own space here, that she uses as she likes. Of course, she gets the same benefit of all the natural light coming in. All right. And then we’re going to head up to the master bedroom area. Again,a real open floor plan. We like having all the room. We like to look out and see just the geometric shapes that are formed by the structures of this building.

So I’ve got two bathrooms. One is on the second floor that’s kind of the common bathroom that everyone uses. We have another bathroom up on the third floor that’s part of the master bedroom suite, I guess. There’s no other house like this. So we really kind of enjoy the fact that we’re living in this, for the first time, like no one else has really lived before. We’re not stuck with the traditions. We can do what we want. So it kind of, I think, makes us feel a little bit freer to.

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