Building A Container Home In Costa Rica

Shipping containers are made for international maritime or overland transport. They’re mostly made of steel. Their strength and resistance convinced an American businessman in Manuel Antonio in Quepos. He built the first hotel made out of containers near the national park. It was challenging.

To get all the containers up here as the hotel is located on a hillside. We had to use two backhoes, a tractor and a crane to put the containers on top of each other, just like legos. All the parts of the containers were used.

For example the doors were used for making containing walls and locking bars were used to make handrails in the staircase. Everything was reused. We saved some 60% in water and electricity costs so the building material was environmentally friendly.

The work started in 2013 by putting the containers on top of each other at five levels. So in fact the container remnants, waste, was transformed into a treasure. Yes, it is the one and only hotel entirely made out of containers in Costa Rica. Let’s go and see the rooms. Sure. As you can see, the rooms were completely remodelled. They have wooden floors,.

A safe, cable tv, bath, warm water and airconditioning. Altogether 51 containers were used, each 40 feet. One question occured to me, what happens if there is an earthquake?.

The foundation is solid. There’s a good layer of cement to support the weight. There is not much that a trembling could do. This hotel, El Faro, is one option in this beautiful area in our country. One night in the hotel costs US 125$.

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