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Hey, how’s it going bros? This is Pewdiepie! Pokemon Go. I can’t stop playing, I’m level 25. My legs hurt though. What does everyone want from Pokemon Go? What is the one thing that we’re all missing? That’s right. To play from your computer. That’s what we’re gonna do today. Now, you may think we hacked the game.? Fuck that, we’re not cheaters. Right Micheal? Michael: We’re not cheaters.

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The way the game was made. This is how Nintendo visioned this game to be played by everyone. Now, there are a couple things that may or may not go wrong. laughs Is it powerful enough to lift this phone? I don’t know. Is the phone gonna stick? These are very powerful fans, you know? Could this go wrong? Yes. Let’s just keeplet’s just do let’s just do it.

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Manchester Unity Building Part 3 Melbourne Open House Tour 2011 Mezzanine Level 1

This building was a marvel. There were people literally coming here on a week by week basis out from the suburbs making sure they caught the train in, to come here to see how far this building has grown because they would be ore that the fact that another floor was built, quot;another floor since we had come last weekquot; and quot;look how they have done thisquot;. And so literally there hundreds of people on a daily basis outside viewing this building going up. And it was the hope, the hope of change. Now by this stage right now you are probably asking whats the connection of Smile Solutions with the building. Smile Solutions is a dental practice. It is the largest dental practice in the country. It sits quietly in.

This building and houses across three floors in this building. The floors that I am about to show you are all premises of Smile Solutions. And I am a dentist who owns Smile Solutions and am also the owner of all these spaces that I am about to show you. So in effect the two go hand in hand. It was the business that came and bought this space, which in turn was able to reglorify this space and then moved into various other floors and was able to rejuvenate those floors as well. Back in 1932, it was also a business that was using the boardroom, a business that was using the various spaces. So the two go hand in hand. You need the strength of business, for it to be able to support the beauty of the building,.

And for the building to then support the business. It has always been that way and will always be that way. And we are in a very very lucky situation to out our practice which was a very humble practice only 10 years ago, we were only 3 surgeries strong. Now we are 19 surgeries strong, 40 ians. So we are indebted to this building to give us that opportunity to be able to expand in to the glorious spaces. This floor here was probably the least in tact floor that I came across. When I moved into this space, and I bought this space, I remember my mother who walked down this corridor actually cried and left and said my son is probably going to die in here. Because this floor was an absolute mess.

Some of those windows fronts that you saw in suite 1 and suite 2, those window fronts had been completely removed and had roller shutters put in. So you not only lost the windows but the marble surrounds, the bronze, the whole kit and caboodle and we had to come and restore those. A lot of those cornices that you see had been damaged or removed, a lot of the cornices we then went and recreated and brought in by sheet in order to reinvent these areas. Right through the surgeries this whole area from here was open planned right through the very end, they were not individual shops any more. But what you notice about this corner is that it is the center of Melbourne. When I moved into this building someone came.

To me and said to me quot;Kia, it’s the center of Melbourne, it will always be the center of Melbournequot;. And it was after I actually bought the space I stood here and released quot;Wow, it is the centre of Melbournequot;. We have got town hall right there, City Square is a 30 m set back that the Western now has to ensure. That corner is the very corner that all of the tickettape parades come through and pass by and go up Collins St. When the boys came back from the Second World War, the Olympic games. All the premierships the Collingwood have won have come by through this corner and have tracked up Collins St. All the demonstrations. Effectively, this corner holds a very very significant place.

In people minds and hearts. This corner was Dawsons before MUB took it over. Dawsons Corner was known as the lovers corner. It was a corner where lovers would come and meet. To this day every night I leave I see the odd 23 year old girl on the texts waiting for her partner to come pick her up. One of the reasons is that there is really only two places meets in Melbourne. They either meet under is under the Flinders Street clock or they meet on this corner. The difference is that this corner has an amazing oarning that surrounds this whole area that gives so much protection to the people that stand underneath it. This corner has a depth of vision that no other corner in Melbourne, in my opinion, has. The.

Setback allows these retailer that used to be here, the setback in that direction and the town hall in that direction, almost sets an area filled with natural light an area that is a great place to have as a retail store. The details that we have gone through in terms of the copper leaf signage, to source an artist to do copper leafing was actually quite difficult at the time, we sourced him and the poor chap died in 2008, for level 11 we had to source another one we found in South NSW. These people are hard to come by. Copper leaf and gold leaf artistry is very, very redundant profession. Because now day, the vinyl leaf guys come in and do a very reasonable job with vinyl. But it will never.

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