Black Market Auction House Container

Whew! Finally I got it. After spending some time dancing on that stupid mailbox, I got gold to buy my stuff! Give me gold. Dude. That guy has been dancing about 2 hours already! Should we end his misery Not yet, my friend. Let’s enjoy this show first. Isn’t that right, my sugar boy Ou yeah, totally! Let’s dance! I’m surrounded by idiots. So. Thanks to those morons, I was able to buy. Some dinner for me for today. NOM NOM. What the. Ou god, my penis! Where is my penis.

I can’t find my penis! Ou god everything is on fire! Hey, dude! What is going on here Monster. The Monster is coming. Runaway! Well, hello there stranger. I was in the neighborhood and I was wondering if you possible give me spare gold I really want this mount for my collection. It’s so beautiful! Nope, sorry dude. I can’t. I just spent all my money. for my dinner, you know. NOM NOM. C’mon, please Hell no! Get your own money, man! PLEA.! This ends here. I, Gamon, will save us.

It cannot. end. like. this. Okey, alright! I’m doing it. What are you doing! That is too dangerous! IT’S A TRAP! Ou, wow. Thank you so very mutch. You are my hero. I will see you later. Goodbye! Damn it. What have I done You. you did it! You saved our asses! Hey, hey guys! You can come out now. We are saved! Thank you so mutch! How. How can we repay this I know! Let’s build the statue of him. Good idea. Let’s do it. Hey now, what is going on here, mon!.

Gold Beggars in a Nutshell WoW Machinima

Hey guys. I think I spent all my money for this stupid statue. Yeah. I spent my gold too. Hey! Anyone can spare me some gold, please You! You dirty Shaman. Don’t you realize. Eh, you see. I just gave gold for one stupid person who asked gold for his stupid mount and that’s it. You see, I did not ask for this. Right Vol’jin Hey. Hey you! Aren’t you the Warchief Can’t you spare some gold, please Wait mon, stay back! I’m sure that me and Pukki can help you guys.

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