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It’s a glorious day here in hungerford and we’ve got two teams with a hunger for haggling, so let’s go bargain hunting. Yeah! The market town of Hungerford dates back some 900 years which makes it an ideal place steeped in history for bargainhunting.

But the big question is, will our teams today make historic profits? Here’s a quick peek at what’s coming up. Reds show Charlie how it’s done. .whilst the Blues go from one extreme to another. It’s 9 and it’s kind of cool, isn’t it? Has it got a price?.

1,350. Now the rules. If you don’t know them by now, then shame on you. But here they are anyway. 300 each team, one hour, buy three objects. The team wins that makes the most profit later at auction. Right. Let’s go and meet today’s teams. We’ve got two teams of couples on the show today.

For the reds, we’ve got sue and keith. And for the Blues, we’ve got Carly and Simon. Hello, everyone. Hello. Lovely to see you. Now, how did you two get together? Well, we met at an arranged dinner party. We didn’t realise it was arranged, but we were both widowed at the time and we met through these friends.

We didn’t meet up again for about eight months after that, but very soon after that, we realised we were fond of one another and got married. How sweet. And how long ago was that? Nearly 40 years. Really?! 40 years this summer. That’s right. You’re a busy lady today, aren’t you? Yes, I’m still working. I still work at the Winchester Cathedral Choir School.

what do you do there? i run the secondhand clothes shop, I work occasionally in the music department and I am what our headmaster calls the alumni secretary. So you look after the old boys? I look after the old boys. That’s quite a task. The old girl looking after the old boys. You haven’t retired either, have you? No, I’m still working.

i’m 81 this week, but i’m still working. congratulations. What do you do? I’m what is known as a rentier. That is I rent out small properties to aspiring businessmen and small businesses. You’re into heavy duty fishing. Tell us about that. Yes, I enjoy heavy duty fishing. I’ve fished all over the world, really.

Let us hope that today on bargain hunt you’re going to be able to reel in some real whoppers. Thank you. We shall see. Hopefully spend all your cash anyway. Now, Blues, are you quaking in your boots? Yes. Yeah. How did you two meet? We met online two years ago now. How does all that work then? Just emails really. Is it?.

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