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Reveal Intro VO The Houseboat to Energy Efficient Residences, or HBEER, project is an example of right time, right place. The concept is to utilize Kentucky’s highly skilled houseboat workforce to build affordable, modular, energyefficient homes. HBEER is an offshoot of an experimental solar house built by the University of Kentucky College of Design, College of Agriculture and the Center for Applied Energy Research Michael Speaks In 2009, we were accepted as one of 20 schools nationally and internationally to design, build, and transport a solar decathlon house. It’s about a twelvehundredsquarefoot.

House. The house is supposed to be off the grid, so it creates its own electricity, and you design every aspect of it. Rodney Andrews How could we take what we were developing there and do something really for the rural areas of Kentucky where we have real issues with low efficiency housing Michael Speaks How do you turn university researchcreated by students and faculty, in collaboration among four collegeshow do you turn that into applied knowledge, might it be possible to take that applied knowledge out and make it part of a larger project for.

The state Jerry Rickett We felt there was a real need in rural Kentucky for energy efficient affordable housing. VO UK partnered with Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation, a notforprofit trying to boost economic development in southeast Kentucky. Kentucky Highlands President and CEO Jerry Rickett issued a challenge to UK design a house that can be built in a houseboat factory, with 70 percent Kentuckymade products, that costs a dollar a day to heat and cool, with a purchase price of onehundredthousand dollars. Terry Aff We became involved in this in converting and diversifying the houseboat industry, and.

HBEER a University of Kentucky State Project for Energy Efficient Housing

Finding a new product for the houseboat industrywhich, of coursewas severely impacted with this recession. The employment in this area dropped from roughly twelve hundred direct employees of houseboat manufacturers toright nowsomewhere around two hundred. Jerry Rickett We had some very highly skilled employees that had lost their jobs. We don’t want to replace the houseboat industry. We want to help it survive and grow and make products we can produce in the same factories and do it when they don’t have orders for houseboats. And hopefully help bring some of the plants back.

Rodney Andrews So looking atfor the futurewhat could they do That was where the idea of using those same facilitiesthe same workforceto make highefficient housing really made sense. VO The thousandsquarefoot prototype was constructed at Stardust Cruisers in two, elevenfeetwide sections. Then the twobedroom, onebath house was trucked to its site, just a few miles away in Monticello, Kentucky. Jerry Rickett One of our goals was to help the houseboat industry supply chain and others in the supply chain. Michael Speaks If you get eighty to ninety percent of the providers or producing the.

Component pieces in the state of Kentucky, then we can support tin presses and cabinetry people and all kinds of small businesses. Jerry Rickett We got about eightytwo percent of the cost in this particular unit was spent with Kentucky manufacturers or individuals within the state that provided a service or something to usWe bought as much locally as we could to avoid freight cost and be as energy efficient as we could. VO Thanks to energyefficient building techniques and appliances, this house will use 40 percent less water and 50 percent less electricity than a standard house.

Michael Jacobs Being able to control what you spend every month on energy is a much better approach for making affordable housing. It’s not just the house being affordable, but the energy consumption being affordable. Jerry Rickett By lowering the cost of the energy, we’ll be able to help more families get into an affordable house. Tom ManningBeavin We’re hoping that by creating housing that is efficient, we boost that affordability by making it more costeffective to live in, easier to maintain, something that can be afforded for the longhaul.

Jerry Rickett We’re going to ask the family that purchases the home to share their utility costs with us then we’ll take that information and use it as we design additional units. VO What began as an idea in the minds of UK design students, has evolved into two prototype homes. Brian Moore I think the most important part of the studio was grounding your design work in practicality. So when you come up with an idea of how you can save energy, it wasn’t just, Okay, that sounds like a great idea. It was, Well, let’s make it work, and.

Let’s make it work on a budget. Tom ManningBeavin It’s fascinating. It’s fun to see students who have been turned loose and given a challenge and have expansive idea about what can be donesort of only limited by what’s physically possible, and what code will allow and what will continue to stand up. Joe Tanney It’s important for the students to actually engage in a project, both intellectually and practically. In other words they have been able to do a lot of research into different methods of prefabrication over time, but also think of new ways of being able to fabricate.

A home offsite. Tom ManningBeavin There’s nothing like actually putting the puzzle together to find out what’s missing and what would have worked better if it had been in a different place. Michael Speaks You create a prototype of a design and then you refine it, and then you create another and you refine it. And what the students are beginning to understand and to see and to learn is that prototyping process itself is the way in which innovation occurs. VO Thanks to federal, state and local funding, the scope of HBEER has expanded from singlefamily.

Homes, to multifamily homes, classrooms, clinics, and commercial buildings. Tom Manning Beavin The idea of building modular and taking to a site has almost limitless possibilities because you’re doing the same work you would do onsite. Brian Moore People are living in these house and the economy and the environment are benefiting from the modular process. David Biagi This project came along in a moment when the faculty were ready for it, and the students were ready for that type of engagement where the lives of the people who inhabit their buildings would be changed for what they perceived to be the better.

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