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Hi! My name is Scott Reil and on behalf of Expert Village, I would like to talk to you about container gardening. Planting up your containers really couldn’t be easier. I am going to show you a couple of little short cuts and tips that are going to help save you money and time, but for the most part this is a real easy proposition. We just got to remember what the plants want. Sure they need water and they need soil, but they also need not sit in water, so you don’t want your soil to get boggy. One of the first things.

We will do we are going in and plant a container, so we are going to put some drainage stone down in the bottom. Not a lot. It’s not necessary to put a whole bunch in on average. It adds weight to the container, but just an inch or so in the bottom is going to give us a little place for the water to actually come out of the pot and get out that drainage hole in the bottom. If we just put soil in there, it would get out to some degree but.

Not as readily, so it’s a good idea. Now we go back and fill this up with soil, or do we We are going to be putting some smaller plants into this container. It’s not going to take up quite so much space. So you can often find ways to cheat, and here I’ve got a container that doesn’t have a hole in it and I’m going to drop that into the pot. It’s going to sit down over the drainage rock so it still allows drainage on the sides. You want to make sure you are not totally sealing up the bottom of the pot with the.

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Pot you are putting in. But in this case, because I put in the drainage stone, that’s not an issue. But now I’ve taken up quite nearly half the volume of the pot that I’m not going to need to fill with this potting soil that I spent a good deal of money on. So we are saving potting soil this way and keeping things to a minimum. Now we are going to go ahead and fill it up the rest of the way with soil. This will give a good rooting.

Medium because of the nice things that we put in it it will add lots of whole humus and other materials that will help feed the plant and will be able to go in and plant plants in this just a minute. Now I’ve got a container that I’ve already filled up earlier. We are going to take and show you quickly how to plant some plants in here. I’m going to want these guys around the outside of the pot so it is easier for me to get them in around the edge and bring the soil up out of the central like this. I can.

Back fill on the edge a little extra soil. My bigger piece this one is going to grow up right. Fuchsia’s are almost a big shrub so we want to give him plenty of room and some of these colias plugs around. Colias is a great foliage plant and the great foliage colors will offer a nice contrast. A little more soil, a quick watering and we’ve got a finished container. As this grows, it comes up and the plant develops into size. We are going to get a beautiful contrast of colors, foliage and flowers.

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