20′ Shipping Container House Toilet

Hi it’s AlaskaGranny I brought my Reliance Luggable Loo or Honey Bucket from my bunker so I could actually see if it has stayed dry and usable and if I need to update the contents for my emergency sanitation supplies it has a toilet seat and lid I put everything I had for sanitation supplies inside a black plastic bag so it seems to be dry let me take it out and show you what I keep in this Luggable Loo in my bunker here are the contents from my Honey Bucket portable toilet.

Emergency toilet kit there are all different kinds of bags and then there’s toilet paper stored in ziplock bag to make sure the humidity did not damage my sanitation supplies damage them and they’re all dry they’re nice I have a couple packs of baby wipes lots of matches candles kleenex in a ziploc bag and then lighters for lighting candle in case the matches don’t work so I’m pleased with how these things stayed dry and ready for emergencies if I needed to be staying at my bunker for any reason and I needed a.

Portable potty I think this portable toilet would work I put the black bag back inside the Luggable Loo and loaded everything I need back into the bag put the lid back on and the lid has one packet of that chemical toilets solution what I actually would like to do is get a plastic bin of kitty litter I put my Reliance Luggable Loo back into my emergency bunker for another year make sure you are preparing emergency sanitation supplies for your family for emergency situations please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny.

Portable Toilet Luggable Loo by Reliance For Emergencies

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